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  • Tim Jeffery

Eco house nears completion

Lcoal masons have completed the terrace enclosure at Haven House, leaving just the pool areas to complete internally over the winter.

Using the local Achnabar whin stone from the quarry near Lochgilphead the local team have completed the major works associated with the terrace walls - some 30m in length and over 4m in height in places.

This project which has used local labour throughout has been purposefully built by people living generally within 2-3 miles. Local materials and labour form a fundamental part of the sustainable equation on this near zero carbon house.

The 1st year of monitoring under substantial occupation has sggests the 98% epc rating is accurate. With a combination of PVs, passive solar, MVHR and ASHP working with underfloor heating, the technologies are proving an excellent choice in the current energy situation.

In the words of one visitor

“A 21st century castle - warm, draft free and with stunning views..”

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